European Parliament backs funding of study on residential air pollution

Published on 9th September 2016

Author: DCC LPG

The European Parliament’s Environment committee (ENVI) backed the creation of a €2m scheme to study air pollution caused by burning household solid waste across lower-income EU countries. ENVI MEPs supported the study, proposed by György Hölvényi (EPP), on 1 September, as they voted on amendments to the EU budget for 2017. If it is approved, and receives EU funding, the research will map hotspots for particulate matter pollution generated by burning residential solid waste in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Mr. Hölvényi warned that particulate emissions from the residential sector will increase as rising energy poverty forces low-income households to resort to burning waste such as tires during winter.

Further information can be found on Ends Europe (subscription only).

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