Moving Forward

LPG is a fuel for the future. It is becoming more plentiful due to growing world supply, and is increasingly recognised for its environmental credentials

Our management team has ambitious plans to develop our existing businesses and extend our footprint globally through a strategy of both organic growth and acquisition. DCC plc has a successful track record of acquiring both family owned businesses and those owned by large public companies. We talk to key industry players who are divesting their downstream assets; and autonomous businesses who are looking to move on to a new opportunity, or who are ready for retirement. Our professional approach to acquisition, backed by our FTSE 100 parent company DCC plc, ensures that the process will be treated with total confidentiality and sensitivity.

The global LPG market is changing rapidly, and DCC LPG is developing and growing with it. If you would like to join the journey with us, please get in touch with [email protected]. For all sales or customer service enquiries please visit the relevant subsidiary webpage.


A history of the acquisitions made by DCC LPG over the years


1977Flogas began operating in Ireland


1984Entered British market through acquisition of Portagas
1989Acquisition of Ergas from Shell (Ireland)


2001Acquisition of Altagas (Britain)
2002Acquisition of British Gas LPG (Britain)


2012Acquisition of BP LPG (Britain)
2012Entered the Scandinavian market through acquisition of SFR Retail LPG
2012Entered the Benelux region through the acquisition of Benegas from BP
2014Acquisition of Neste's cavern facilities
2014Acquisition of LP Autogas
2014Acquisition of Drievorm
2015Entered the French market through the acquisition of Butagaz from Shell

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